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Can't spare a whole day? Workshops too far away?

Each kit contains all the materials you need plus written & visual step by step instructions to follow at your own pace. Watch my video demonstrations here

To order your kit :-

  1. Decide on which kit you would like: floral, animal, portrait or seascape. Floral is a great starter kit.
  2. Email me at with the kit you want to order.
  3. Kits cost £36 each and £3 for UK postage

*Although every effort is made to assist you with your creation your image will be unique and not an exact replica of my image. Even I can't create an image twice!

Already Ordered Your Kit?

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Level 1 Floral Collage

Level 2 Animal Collage

Level 3 Portrait Collage

Floral Image Inspiration

Animal Image Inspiration

Portrait Image Inspiration

Seascape Image Inspiration